the stars at night! EP

by ddean cassidy

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released June 27, 2012

All music by ddean cassidy!
Track 2 written by Bob Dylan, et al.
Track 3 Additional Piano by John Troup
Track 4 samples some weird 70's song.
Tracks 8 and 9 sample "Silent Hill" by Konami.
Track 10 samples "Pee-Wee's Big Adventure" by Tim Burton from MGM Pictures.

all songs copyright ddean cassidy, 2012



all rights reserved


ddean cassidy Saint Paul, Minnesota

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Track Name: wacko in Waco
there's a wacko in Waco
and they got a Denny's, too
you should stop and have some pancakes
if that kind of thing appeals to you.

there's a wacko in Waco
and there's not much else to do,
you can see how he went so crazy if you really wanted to.

well the wacko he just keeps flailin,
every day and every night
if you're off sailin in old Waco,
won't you make sure he's alright?

make sure, for me, he's alright!
Track Name: girl from the north country
are you goin to the north country fair,
where the winds hit heavy on the borderline?
remember me to one who lives there,
she once was a true love of mine.

please see for me if her hair's hangin long,
and rows and flows all down her breasts.
please see for me if her hair's hangin long,
for that's the way i remember her best.

i'm a-wonderin if she remembers me at all!
many times i've often prayed,
in the darkness of my nights,
in the brightness of my days.

so if you're travelin in the north country fair,
where the winds hit heavy on the borderline,
remember me to one who lives there,
for she once was a true love of mine.
Track Name: Souled American girl
i want the girl with the white bikini,
cause she's got such a hot little body,
i'll run my fingers through her glittering, sandy hair,
if you go to sleep, you'll wake up and we'll be there.

i want the girl with the white bikini,
i wanna strip her naked and hold her down,
i want her to love me and only me.

if someone shot me tonight,
that'd just be, alright,
i wouldn't care at all,
cause it's hot as hell and it smells like worms out here.

when she closes her beautiful eyes,
she'll wake up with flies.

i want the girl with the white bikini,
her hair is the color of The Sun,
and that's yellow

The Sun is yellow,
and The Sky is blue,
and maybe you are, too.
Track Name: wacko in Waco (conclusion)
well, there's a wacko in Waco
who broke off all his teeth
tryin to open a bottle of Jarritos
for himself to drink.

well, i guess you shouldn't use your teeth
to open up a bottle.
use a bottle-opener for that.

(important lesson, kids,
and adults)

now the wacko in Waco,
he can't ever get a date,
so he just sits at home and he
masters video games.

(those games sure are tough)

well, originally the wacko he was
just passin through,
but he fell in love in Waco
and he stayed to try to woo.
but when she rejected him
he went crazy and obsessed, too.
so be careful with the girls in Waco,
or the wacko could be you!

"guess it could be me, too, I better get outta Waco as fast as i can, i'm liable to fall for one of em. here comes one now! well, hello miss!"


"well, miss, ya wanna come on with me? let's get outta Waco!"

"okay! where do we go?"

"well, i don't know, miss. ya got anywhere in mind?"



"let's go to the Northeast."

"the northeast?"

"the Northeast!"

"the big apple?"

"yeah, that's the one!"

"well, ma'am, yer gonna have to find someone else, i'm tired of the highway, i'm about to hang up my hat for good. goodbye, ma'am, have fun in Waco.

and if you see that wacko:
won't you make sure he's alright,
yeah, won't you make sure, for me,
that the wacko in Waco's alright?"

Track Name: empty heart
i've got no interest in reading,
or playing video games,
and it's the hottest summer on record outside,
with a low of 101.
it's burning up all inside my head,
and i just keep laying down in my bed,

but I can't sleep on an empty heart
(although you seem to sleep pretty well).
yeah, you don't seem to miss me at all,
but i still miss you. i still love you.

I don't want to hang out with my friends
cause I'll never have the energy to
tell anyone else all the stories about my life I told you.

i actually loved you,
so what can i do?
i guess I've just got to wait
for my empty heart
to fill back up.
i'll just have to learn to stay up late.

I wish you'd take my empty heart
and fill it back up
(with the loving water
from your beautiful cup),
but you won't do that,
will you?

(and i feel like nothing compares to you)
Track Name: ADT Home Protection Blues
Will protect me

And when the bad guy come
i won't have to run
no, i won't have to run

but now I'm on my own
like a rollin stone
and ADT
can't save me

oh no! oh yes!
I'll go to sleep now, I guess
oh no! oh yes!
good night!
good night, Austin
goodnight, Houston,
Track Name: chicken pie goodbye
goodbye, chicken pie
the wood's too wet to burn
and i'll wave goodbye
as love leaves and as it returns (to me)

oh me, oh my,
oh chicken pie, chicken pie,
ain't that apple in my eye,
so if you're blue, then i am too,
and i'll lay by you at the riverside

and when everyone you knew seems to disappear
just turn inside, and you know i'll be near
and everyone you've loved will reappear in time
like reoccurring dreams in their quiet, little rhymes

(no one's forgot about you
they couldn't if they wanted to)

so don't be lonely, don't you dare be blue,
I'll sit with you on a log, I'll sit on a log with you