Sex, Murder, & Summer EP

by ddean cassidy & Merriweather

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lying on the dirty carpet with the KC dustbowl heat,
a fire burns up everything and
a fire burns down everything and
you don't know how you'll make it out so you jump in your closet and start pacing back and forth,
beating on the walls!

whatever just listen to the album,
Merriweather & ddean cassidy,
ddean cassidy & Merriweather,
it's gotta be good well it is it's perfect

c'mon fire walk with us

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Merriweather would like to thank William Chaffin "[f]or mentoring me through this album and life."

(ddean cassidy would like to second that, as William Chaffin is definitely a totally righteous dude, probably this collaboration wouldn't exist without him maybe, right?)


released July 10, 2012

even numbered tracks copyright Merriweather, Jacob Wold, 2012
odd numbered tracks copyright ddean cassidy, 2012



all rights reserved


ddean cassidy Saint Paul, Minnesota

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Track Name: ddean cassidy - poser anthem
he looks like a skater, but he can't skate, no
Track Name: Merriweather - Lightbulb Suicide
I’m just a small dog barking at cars
I’m just a hopeless romantic staring at the stars
I’m done being tired and docile
From now on I’m a rocket and I’m hostile

Welcome to my lifelong suicide
Suicide suicide suicide

My bones feel stole
My breakfast stole
Living is dying, only alone
Life is a gasp and a moan

In the end, the love you make
Is equal to, the love you fake
Track Name: ddean cassidy - mr pibb loves you
i'm disgusted
with how much money i've spent
on food
and now i've got no money for gas

it's amazing
how empty you can feel
i guess
you might just have to do drugs

the car's
air conditioning is broke
and my, my, my,
my head is broke
cause of you
you and your stupid heart

i'm gettin cheetos from the vending machine
I'm gonna pull it together if yah know what i mean
I'm gettin lonely from the heat around me
but I'll pull it together if yah know what i mean

if you could love so many people...

the movies
are all about undead zombies
i guess
you think that's pretty predictable

the movies
are all about superheroes
and they fill up the world so fast

mr pibb
loves you like a father
and you, you,
you love him
and he holds you close despite the heat

but i loved you, too, ya know!

oh yeah you do...
Track Name: Merriweather - Too Hot For Hopscotch
Every time I go outside
I’d rather lay down and die
I’m counting change to get by
And now I sit and howl at the sky
Just trying to get by

It’s summer again and it kind of sucks
It’s hot again and I’m fucking stuck
When does fall begin, because I’m out of luck

I won’t leave my room today
I can’t leave my house today
I’m too scared to go away
But I’d be crazy to stay
Please please let me be ok
Track Name: ddean cassidy - Middle School Skateboard
sleep over, if you wanna,
we'll skateboard and listen to nirvana.
I'll ask my parents, you'll ask yours,
even though they're a couple of bores,

chupacabre, pinata,
skateboard and listen to nirvana,
cut my hair? i don't wanna,
i just skateboard and listen to nirvana.

you got your rat poison,
i got my dad's gun
hurry up and come on over,
and let's have some fun.

we'll play down by the trains
till one come round and smashes my brains

learn to dance,
yer gonna hafta,
cause we're dancing every night!

the dance of the dead!
Track Name: Merriweather - Liberty Missouri Sucks
I don’t get invited to parties
Or maybe I just don’t want to go
I don’t like to sit and watch tv all day
But sometimes that’s all I can do
I hate this town
I hate this town
I hate this town
I hate this town

Tonight I’m walking alone
Track Name: ddean cassidy - i'm bored of playing gameboy
I can't sleep
even though It's so late
try to balance myself
but i still can't skate
I'm so bored
It's so hot
I'm so bored
and it's so hot
I don't wanna repeat myself
but I'm still caught
I don't wanna move
Lying on the floor
Listen to records
but I've heard it all before

and It's Summer,
and it's dumber
than I remember it being
and my Gameboy
it's just the same toy
it was before we met

i heard a story about a man
obsessed with his own creations
he made himself a wife of marble
more beautiful than any girl he'd ever seen
and as he loved her more and more
the closer to his own death he became

until one day the statues' lips
suddenly were warm to his
and the wife he made became a "real-time woman"
and loved him for the rest of his days.

"i love how you love me"
Track Name: Merriweather - Lo-Fi Goodbye
Locked up inside my room
And I can’t get out today
Locked up inside my head
And I can’t get out forever

Sorry for everything that I fucked up
Sorry for everything that I messed up
Sorry for all the people that I hurt
But I’m finally leaving this town